The Mind's Eye

Welcome to The Mind's Eye v. 06.

November 29, 2005
Work, school, and AC took over my life. New stuff in Cosplay (Heartless, Mamimi, and Rhode) and Art (Original, Fan, Photo).

April 8, 2005
So... it's been a bit. Unfortunately I don't have too much to show for it. A few things up in Original and Gifts. A bit of a cosplay update: one new in progress, two future, and a couple new pics in the Spirited Away and Yomiko Readman sections. Also have added commissions done to the Gift page until I can find a better place to put them. And finally, new pictures can be identified by the thicker border around them. That is all for now.

Nov 6, 2004
Not much for art this month: a single gift to Mael in the Gift:From section. Also have updated the cosplay sections: Yomiko Readman, and the Dark Fairy (have actual pictures). There will hopefully be more art soon, along with some more cosplay pics. Also added a couple links to Cons I attend in the links section.

Oct 6, 2004
Have a sketch up of my Halloween costume for this year, under both Cosplay and Original. Until I think of a better way of doing it, new images will be marked with a *.

Still need to scan in a couple sketch books, but still don't have the time. Maybe this weekend. We'll see.