The Mind's Eye
Gothic Heartless

From: Original design
Cost: $70-ish
Time: 15-20 hours
Worn: AnimeNorth2004 (dance), AnimeNorth2005 (dance), AC³ 2005 (Saturday)

This was an excuse to make a skirt with crinoline and a corset top. The original idea was that a group of us would be going to the AN2004 dance as Heartless (of sorts) from Kingdom Hearts. That didn't work out quite as planned, but I still managed to get my heartless symbol onto the costume (at 1am, the night before the dance, in the hallway of the hotel, whilst chatting with the security people).

ETA: The socks on this one keep changing everytime I wear it I think. I've gone through at least three pairs of socks, if not more with this costume; all are black striped with either red or purple. And the make-up keeps changing too.

Reference Pics/Design Sketches


Pic#3 courtesy of my brother
Pic#4 courtesy of Ian Barclay