The Mind's Eye
Sen and Haku

From: Spirited Away / Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
Cost: $50-ish
Time: 15-20 hours
Worn: AnimeNorth 2003 (Saturday), AC³ 2004

I love Miyazaki's films and fell in love with Spirited Away. Sen and Haku were dying to be made, so they were. Originally I was only going to made Sen, but when one of my friends didn't have a cosplay, I decided to do Haku also (seeing as they were close to the same pattern, just different colours)

This was a challenge in that I had to make the pattern for the top with no real clue what I was doing. Overall they turned out quite well if one doesn't look closely at the collars, nor the panelling on the shoulders and hips (which are held on with safety pins because I ran out of time).

I want to pull these out at some time and finish them off properly and get some decent pictures at the same time.

Reference Pics/Design Sketches


Pic#2 courtesy of the AC3 Official Photographer