The Mind's Eye
Yomiko Readman

From: Read or Die / R.o.D. -The TV-
Cost: $20-ish
Time: 4 hours
Worn: AnimeNorth 2004 (Saturday), AC³ 2004 (Morning)

Quite possibly the easiest cosplay to do, seeing as almost all of the parts were either bought, borrowed, or I already owned. The shirt and shoes were mine, the ties was $1 at Value Village, the skirt was borrowed from my housemate, and the vest was made.

The vest was held shut with hooks&eyes and safety pins with the buttons sewn onto the upper layer for AN04. But for AC3, I made actual buttons holes, and only one hook&eye was used (because there's no way to hold that vest close with the two buttons in the design).

I was very happy with how well this turned out. My only regret is that I didn't have time to make the jacket.

Reference Pics/Design Sketches


Pic#2 courtesy of Ikegami
Pic#3 courtesy of the AC3 Official Photographer